There's a feeling that comes with the unexpected, a sense that something different is happening. It's like the world around us shifts and warps, becoming an unfamiliar place.

Colors blend together and morph into new hues, while objects twist and stretch beyond recognition. The world becomes a canvas, a place where anything is possible

The sky is no longer just blue. It's a swirl of colors that dance and twist above us. The sun is no longer just a ball of fire. It's a living being, a creature that moves and breathes.

As you walk down the street, the buildings seem to shift and move around you. Windows open and close on their own, doors appear and disappear before your eyes. You're not sure if you're hallucinating or if the world around you is truly alive.

The music you hear is no longer just a collection of sounds. It's a conversation, a language that speaks to you in colors and textures. You can feel the notes on your skin, and they tug at your emotions like a puppeteer.

When you look in the mirror, you see a stranger staring back at you. Your face is malleable, changing and shifting with every thought and emotion. You're not sure if you're losing your mind or if you're awakening to a new reality.

The sky is green, the trees are blue, and the grass is yellow. My head is on backwards, and my feet are in the air. The sun is black, the moon is orange, and the stars are dancing.

The World is Alive